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About Us

About Us

KK Rental is a car rental agency operating in Ioannina and Lefkada. KK Rental want to make rent a car with us an unforgettable experience!
Full insurance included, no credit card needed.

Advantage of car renting

Having a car abroad allows you to explore remote places more freely. Driving a car rental in Greece is certainly the most convenient way to see the country's attractions, fabulous coastlines and landscape.

Plenty of beautiful sandy beaches, rocky mountain restaurants, hilltop landmarks and stunning waterfalls are all places that would be harder to reach by bus or taxi.

The most challenging parts of driving a car hire in Greece are the narrow roads in the countryside and in the Greek islands. These roads usually have one line per direction, and they are windy due to the mountainous landscape of the country. You are advised to drive slowly in these roads, keep the speed limits and pull over to allow oncoming traffic from local cars.

Rent a car in Ioannina and Lefkada

Free delivery and collection to/from Preveza and Ioannina airport is also available

Delivery and Collection to/from Igumenitsa airport is available with extra charge

We pay special attention to vehicle maintenance and give them regular servicing, so you need not fear of heading to the most distant corners of Greece.

No matter where you go, KK Rental offers the safest, most reliable and coziest rent vehicles in Ioannina and Lefkada.

Clean and reliable car is must!

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Lefkada beaches

There Is Plenty to See In Lefkada, try to be sure to not miss anything - Rent a car at Lefkada.
With a car you can explore the island at your own pace and gain access to the most secluded spots, as not every location on Lefkada is accessible by bus.

  • Porto Katsiki

    45 km south-west of Lefkada Town

    Porto Katsiki is the most famous beach of the Lefkada island and among the best in the Mediterranean. With an impressive landscape and exotic water, Porto Katsiki gets very popular in summer.

  • Egremni

    40 km south-west of Lefkada Town

    One of the most impressive beaches of Lefkada, Egremni has an immense sandy coastline and exotic water. Visitors have to climb up and down a lot of steep steps.

  • Kathisma

    15 km south west of Lefkada Town

    This long beach has exotic water and sandy coastline. It is considered among the finest beaches on the island.

  • Agios Ioannis

    3 km west of Lefkada Town

    The most popular beach resort on Lefkada is Agios Ioannis, located a few km west of the main town. Due to the strong winds that blow in the area, this beach is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

  • Agios Nikitas

    13 km south west of Lefkada Town

    The small beach in front of Agios Nikitas, a lovely fishing village on the western side of Lefkada, has exotic water and a nice ambience.

  • Mylos

    14 km south west of Lefkada Town

    Mylos is a remote beach between Agios Nikitas and Kathisma, on the western side of Lefkada. A trekking passage leads to this beach, which is a nice spot for relaxation.

  • Agiofili

    40 km south of Lefkada Town

    This is a small beach in close distance to Vassiliki, the popular windsurfing spot on the south of the island.

  • Poros Mikros Gialos

    30 km south of Lefkada Town

    This is a lovely beach close to Poros, on the southern side of the island. It is surrounded by lush grenery and has pebbles on the shore.

  • Vassiliki

    37 km south west of Lefkada Town

    Vassiliki is among the busiest beach resorts and the most popular windsurfing spots in Lefkada. This picturesque beach is located on the southern side of the island.

  • Kalamitsi beach

    15 km south west of Lefkada Town

    A small beach with crystal water, Kalamitsi (or Kavalikefta) offers a nice spot to relax. The rock formations on the shore give a wild aspect to this beach.

  • Megali Petra

    15 km south west of Lefkada Town

    This small beach is close to Kalamitsi. Its name means "large rock" from the many rocks that are found in the sea.

  • Pefkoulia

    10 km south west of Lefkada Town

    Pefkoulia is located in close distance to the main town and on the way to the most popular beaches of the island. It has fine water and gets pretty popular in summer.

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